Hvac expert cleaning coilThe cost of acquiring a HVAC system can be quite high and hence you need to take care of your units so that they can serve you for long. At Duct Cleaning Miami, we emphasize on equipment maintenance because in doing so, your unit will run efficiently and serve you well over its lifetime. Blower and coil cleaning are significant parts of the maintenance process.

After operating for some time, dust tends to settle on your HVAC equipments. When left unchecked, this dust can affect the working of your equipment in such a manner as to cause frequent breakdowns and emergency repairs. When the dust particles pill upon the blower, the motor of your AC may stop working.
In addition to your equipment failure, dusty and dirty blowers can pollute the environment casing allergies. In the worst case scenario, dirty blowers can cause fires. This is precisely why Duct Cleaning Miami offers advanced level blower cleaning services to tame these and many other related problems.

Coil Cleaning

In addition to blower cleaning, Duct Cleaning Miami offers coil cleaning services. Our professionals understand the repercussions of dirty coils as far as the efficiency of your ac is concerned. An inefficient system tends to consume much power during operation and this causes your energy bills to skyrocket as well as making the compressor to work extra hard which shortens its lifespan.
Our technicians are qualified and ready to help you as well as other homeowners to address these issues. In order for the condenser to reject heat through heat exchange coils and the cooling airflow, it must be free of debris and dirt. We deep clean both the air handler and condenser coil without damaging the sensitive fins.

Why Choose Duct Cleaning Miami

Our experts understand the trade and know the tricks because they have been servicing blowers for such a long time. They not only clean but also repair ac blowers. Our services at Duct Cleaning Miami are reliable and efficient. We have the best cleanings strategy that achieves results.
Before beginning any blower cleaning task, we ensure the power leading to your unit is off to prevent shock. Every component that we dismantle during cleaning and repair is assembled back in the exact way it was because we have the knowledge and expertise. We exercise care when removing the outer bolts from the blower.

In removing the visible dust from the blower fan, we use vacuuming so that the dust is sucked in and does not spread to the other parts of your house. In the event the dust proves hard to remove, our technicians at Duct Cleaning Miami use a specially formulated solution made of bleach and warm water to remove it.

Because we think in the long term, the bleaching solution we use can also remove mold hence giving our clients a double benefit. All disposable filters are replaced while the washable ones are cleaned to make them safe and efficient to be used again.

Duct Cleaning Miami has the best blower and coil cleaning services in the industry. We believe in giving the best service to our customers at a competitive price.

Call us today and our 24/7 service technicians will respond to your query as soon as possible.

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